"Kids Korps partygoers interview Larry King, live"
Today's Local News -
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Feb. 2, 2008
Photo: Lillian Cox
"Leachman has fun with fans at
The San Diego Union-Tribune,
May 9, 2009
Photo: Lillian Cox
Dr. Glenn Wagner,
San Diego County
Chief Medical Examiner,
San Diego Magazine,
Sept. 2007
"N. County Woman Takes On Hunger
with her 'Bags of Love' Campaign,"
The San Diego Union-Tribune,
Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, 2010
(San Diego city),
Nov. 11, 2010 (north county inland)
"Super Volunteer Becomes Go-To
Guy for Activism,"
The San Diego Union-Tribune,
Dec. 16, 2010
Photo: Lillian Cox
Former CNN correspondent Greg Lefevre of Cardiff-by-the-Sea
remembers Ted Turner and the pioneering days of 24-hour cable
news." Encinitas Patch, Jan. 8, 2013  (Click photo.)