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Adolph Kuhn (right) of Oceanside stepped forward
and identified himself as the previously unknown
sailor in this historic photo of Pearl Harbor.
"Pearl Harbor survivor
recollects that day,"
Rancho Santa Fe News/
The Coast News,
Dec. 7, 2012
This is the first story I did for the U-T, and
what gave me the bug to write more history
stories. It came about in November 1999
when I met my former boss, Robert P. Ito,
for lunch at the 94th Aero Squadron
Restaurant.  As we slipped into a booth he
said in a low voice, "Pearl Harbor Day is
coming up. . .boy, do I dread it." Confused,
I waited for an explanation. "You ask any
Japanese-American and they'll say the
same thing," he explained. "
And my father
was a war hero

As the product of an east coast public
education, this was the first time I learned
about the all-Japanese-American 442nd
Regimental Combat Team who, Robert
explained, were recruited from internment
camps to become the highest-decorated
unit in all of American military history.

Shortly after that, I had the privilege of
conducting a taped interview with Lloyd Ito
and his band of brothers who served in the
442nd in the European theater during WWII.

In 1951, the movie
Go For Broke!  starring
Van Johnson paid tribute to the 442nd
and became a box office hit. Earlier this
year, an education film project also about
the 442nd was released under the same
Go For Broke.
Wash Post Ex-Secretaries 042811
"Ex-secretaries of Washington,
dig out your old steno pads
and dish!,"
The Washington Post,
April 28, 2011
After this story was published, Lillian was contacted by a producer with the BBC
eager to interview Mr. Kuhn for their "Witness to History" series.  Mr. Kuhn's
interview can been seen at  
"How my 'guardian angel' saved me at Pearl Harbor."
Lloyd Ito
"The Heroes Among Us,"
The San Diego Union-Tribune,
May 29, 2000 (Memorial Day)